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Board Games can be a great way to get the family and friends together for a fun evening. There’s no need to empty your wallet by always going out for entertainment when you have a variety of great board games to play indoors. From simple dice-based board games to intense strategy games, anything you’re looking for can be found at MEK.STORE

Board games can even teach you how to manage your money and assets. Games like Monopoly, Pay Day, and CASHFLOW 101 teach you when to buy, when to sell, and when to bide the time. Of course, each game has an element of chance, but learning how to deal with whatever resources you’re given can be enriching knowledge. Our Monopoly boards also come in a wide variety of themes, including Hello Kitty, NHL, Metallica, Star Wars, Disney and more.

If you’re looking for classic board games, we have those, too. Chess is a great game for kids to learn early in life. It’s played around the world in every country, and teaches kids advanced strategy and planning skills. Backgammon similarly teaches strategy, but focuses more on how best to use the rolls of the dice you’re given. Go, is an ancient game of strategy that gets more and more complex the better you get. Few board games grow along with the skills of the player and reward hard work as much as chess or go.

Scrabble is another game that rewards those who take the time to learn secret strategies and tactics. Try to get your highest scoring tiles on the multipliers, and score a bonus whenever you can. We have special editions of Scrabble too, such as Holiday Scrabble, Scrabble Upwords, Scrabble Junior, and Spanish Scrabble.

Fans of military strategy will love Settlers of Catan, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, and Risk. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find your next favorite board game among our collection.