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The Christmas Toy

June 28, 2018

In this world, toys come alive whenever people are out of the room. There’s just one problem. If anyone notices that a toy is out of place, that toy gets frozen in place forever. And I thought other films were out out to mess with kids’ heads. At least other movies allow kids to hope that one day they’ll see their toys moving around, and they’ll become friends. This film lets kids know that their toys are alive and conscious — but if they actually make contact with their beloved toys, they’ll murder the thing they love most. There’s nothing like instilling in a person a sense that they must blind themselves to the quirks of the world, or they will ruin everything. Or the idea that they might have killed their toys forever by thinking, once, that they might have changed their positions on the bed. I’m willing to bet that this movie prompted more than a few stays in institutions.