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Pay with MEK

To use MEK to purchase at MEK.STORE you can follow 10 steps:

1. Download metamask from this Link: Link download

2. After finishing download metamask, enter the private key containing your MEK into metamask to use, tutorial on youtube: https://youtu.be/grsBwSDSeu

3. Make an order on Mek.store, choose the payment form ETH or MEK

4. Choose “MEK” as the currency for payment

5. Click “next”, Metamask will required you to load MEK into the payment gateway

6. Increase GWEI on the transaction and click “submit”, wait for the transaction succeed

7. After successfully recharging money into payment gateway, continue payment MEK loaded into the payment gateway for mek.store

8. Click “next”, Metamask will required to complete your payment

9. Increase GWEI, click “submit”, waiting for the transaction succeed

10. Success,, you have done your work, waiting for mek.store to process orders