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Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set – Toddler Toys – Educational Color & Number Recognition Skills Learning Toy

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– TERRIFIC TODDLER LEARNING TOY: ☻ 12 charming eggs in a carton will help preschoolers learn to count, sort, and match! Each plastic egg contains a different color and number, with corresponding pegs and holes.
– GAIN BASIC LIFE SKILLS: ☻ Start building smart minds with the right educational toys! These bright, interactive eggs will improve hand dexterity, color recognition, and fine motor skills while engaging little minds.
– DURABLE CASE INCLUDED: ☻ Made with top quality child-safe materials, this is a toddler toy built to last. And when it’s time to end play and pack away, you’ll find the sturdy plastic case super convenient for quick ‘n easy storage.
– CHILD FRIENDLY DESIGN: ☻ The shape of these smooth eggs are perfect for little fingers to grasp and maneuver. They’ll be able to click ’em together and pull ’em apart effortlessly, encouraging independent play. Great for 18m, 2 and 3 year olds and up.
– 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: ☻ Above all, your satisfaction is our main concern! Please contact us in case you run into any problems with your order, and we’ll be happy to work things out for you.


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An Engrossing, Open-Ended Toy to Encourage Learning

Make the most of your child’s priceless first years by giving them the toys that will develop their brain and set the foundation for future learning in a fun, engaging way.

Enter the Kidzlane Count & Match Egg Set, an educational powerhouse packed with features!
This set contains 12 uniquely colored eggs that split in two, revealing a unique color, number, and combination of pegs ‘n holes.

With an easy-to-hold, smooth shape perfectly sized for little kids, these adorable eggs are sure to hook your tot’s attention as they try to take ’em apart and put ’em back together!

This set is completed by a bright yellow plastic case, so that it’s easy to carry and store the eggs.

Keep Toddlers & Preschoolers Occupied for Hours!

The Kidzlane Count ‘n Match Egg Set includes many different features that will appeal to little children’s natural curiosity. Can I open the egg? What’s inside? How can I put it back together?

Watch them figure out the answer to these questions, while they build valuable basic skills such as sorting, counting, color coordinating and matching.

Having a play-date over? The Count & Match Egg Set is sure to be a winner! Keep them occupied with enough pieces to go around for everyone.

Or, incorporate the eggs with food pretend play for a fun learning experience in the play kitchen!

Why Choose Kidzlane?

Annoyed by cheaply built toys that fall apart instantly?
We know durability is a must when it comes to children’s toys. The Count & Match Egg Set is a long-lasting, kid-proof toy that will be passed on from child to child. Buy once, so they can enjoy forever!

Kidzlane toys are built with premium quality materials according to the top manufacturing standards. We seek to ensure the safety of our children by sourcing only non-toxic, child-safe material, and having each product tested by a rigorous quality control team.

We’re passionate about occupying little hands and minds with toys that will inspire learning and creativity. When you buy a Kidzlane product, you’ll get the best in fun, innovative toys along with our 100% quality commitment.

7 reviews for Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set – Toddler Toys – Educational Color & Number Recognition Skills Learning Toy

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Barely Can See Numbers…
    This product has been great for my daughter who is currently in different therapies to work on fine motor skills, etc.Although the number 4 egg sticks together too hard and she can’t get it, all of the other eggs were ok. She is currently working on number recognition, however, the numbers are the same color as the background only slightly raised, making them not very visible. I’m not sure if that was the intention, but I found it too difficult to see to keep her attention. I used a black permanent marker to make them more visible. The actual carton itself is great, and the eggs themselves are very durable. I attached photos to show the difference in visibility regarding the numbers before and after being made more bold with a marker.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    This is my daughter’s favorite toy from Christmas
    This is my daughter’s favorite toy from Christmas. It was a great tool for teaching her the different colors. The toy is sturdy, and I expect it to last. At 17 months old, our child could open the eggs (aside from 2 – see notes below), and now at 19 months old, can put most of them back together (the higher numbers are easier to put back together).I would give this toy 5 stars except for the following shortfalls:- The color selection could be improved. There is a light orange that we call orange, a red-orange that we call red, and a tan that we call brown. These should be more of a true orange, red, and brown, especially considering that the age range is 18+ months. An 18-month old doesn’t know red-orange as a color. There are also 2 shades of blue and green – I would have preferred one of each color, and substituted the second shade for a different color, such as white, gold, or teal. These colors show up on our other toys.- The carton and 2 of the eggs have been too difficult for our child (now 19 months old) to open, and 1 egg falls open on it’s own.Regardless, this is a fun toy that gets played with multiple times every day! It doesn’t make any sounds or have electronic parts, which is a rarity for toys at this age. It teaches colors and enhances fine motor skills. I would definitely recommend it for a child around 18 months old.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great educational toy perfect for imaginative kitchen play!
    These are great! My sister and I had a counting egg set growing up in the 80s, so we searched high and low for my two-year-old nephew with basically zero success. Finally found these and they are awesome! Our old set was basically like this; it had white eggs that opened to yellow interiors with an embossed number and a corresponding amount of pegs. This set is exactly what we were looking for but the pegs are even a little thicker and they have the added color-match feature which is good for younger kids. So happy to have found these!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    fine motor skills etc
    I happen to be a foster parent and I get quite a few kids through my home who are developmentally behind & need extra help in various areas. Many deal with sensory issues, educational delays, gross motor skills, fine motor skills etc. So, I am always on the lookout for toys to keep around the house that are educational and possibly hit a few of these areas of needs for my kids. I saw these eggs & thought it could help my current toddler with color identification, counting & motor skills by working on opening the eggs and being able to push the 2 halves of the eggs back together himself. He has enjoyed these eggs so far and will sit for a time (which is also good for a toddler) opening them all & then WILL try & match them back together. I see that his ability to get the eggs back together has improved even in the very short time we’ve had them. At his age (just turned 2)…even just putting all of the eggs back into the sturdy box (& thank you for making this toy sturdy!) is worthwhile time spent for him. I like this product very much.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great Play and Learning Value
    I purchased the egg set for an 18-month-old. We’ve enjoyed opening the eggs to discover the color inside. She’s learned to say yellow and black (“yellow” has become her favorite word–everything is “lall-o” now). The eggs are well made and have a pleasant tactile feel. I was concerned it might be difficult to match all the prongs to put the egg back together once opened, but the egg slides easily to one piece again. I appreciate the egg crate container for putting it all away tidily. The little one has some difficulty opening eggs that are pressed together hard, so I make certain to not tighten them. She’ll grow into opening them on her own. The toy represents ongoing value as once we conquer colors, we can tackle numbers with the prongs. I may try a simple memory game by placing half an egg upside down to see if she remembers the color. Once she has moved beyond that, she can use the eggs in a play kitchen as food.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Good storage, bright colors and all kids love the eggs!
    Who would have thought that eggs could be so much fun?!? We recently took these to a retirement party with our almost 2-year old son. There were other kids there and of all the toys they had, they all wanted to play with these eggs. Granted some of them were just throwing them around, but others were opening them up and looking at the colors. They were a hit!! The case makes them super easy to transport and we have been taking them on most of our overnight trips as a quick, easy toy to keep our little entertained. I did read one of the other comments about the numbers being hard to see. I agree with that and am likely going to color them with a black marker like that reviewer did. Our little doesn’t know his numbers yet, so we haven’t been too worried about it. They’re a great matching game though with bright colors inside.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    ) but decided to because of the good reviews. He absolutely loved them
    I bought these for my almost 2-year old grandson for Christmas. I was reluctant to get them (a carton of plastic eggs!) but decided to because of the good reviews. He absolutely loved them! This was the second present he opened and he did not want to open anything else! He kept taking them apart and putting them back together. And he loved taking them out of the plastic carton and putting them back. They were the perfect size for his hands. They were easy to take apart but stuck together well. It’s a couple of weeks after Christmas and he is still playing with them. I highly recommend this product.

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