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ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner

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– WHAT YOU GET – Gravity Maze is a combination logic game, marble run, and STEM toy for boys and girls. Contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles, for ages 8+.
– CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing immediately!
– DEVELOPS CRITICAL SKILLS – Playing your way through the challenges builds spatial reasoning and planning skills, and provides a great stealth learning experience for young players.
– COMES WITH MULTI-LEVEL CHALLENGES – Gravity Maze comes with 60 beginner to expert challenges that become increasingly difficult as you play through them.
– AWARD WINNER – Winner of several awards including the prestigious Toy of the Year Award in the Specialty Category, from the Toy Industry Association, along with a Parents Choice Gold Award, and more.


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Gravity Maze is one of ThinkFun’s most popular stem toys for boys and girls, and was a Toy of the Year Award Winner in 2017, in the Specialty Category. It’s a gravity powered maze game that comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert, and is one of the best gifts you can buy for kids who like smart games and a challenge. Gravity Maze is made with high quality components, and comes with a very clear and easy to understand instruction manual – you’ll be able to play within minutes of opening the box. Like all of ThinkFun’s games, Gravity Maze is built to develop critical thinking skills. Playing through the increasingly difficult challenges will improve logical reasoning, spatial reasoning and planning skills, all through fun gameplay.

8 reviews for ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fascinating for kids and grownups!
    I bought it as a gift for my grandsons, who liked it and began playing with it the minute they opened it, but it was just as intriguing for our sons, their dad and uncle!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Gravity Maze Awesomeness
    This is a great brain exerciser for everyone, old and young alike. It’s a nice size for a desk and certainly an attention getter by its appearance. Think Fun products are well made and the Gravity Maze is a great example of that. The towers are colorful, precision built,and interesting to look at. The base has rubber non-slip pads for great traction and holds motionless while snapping the game pieces in place and when the bearing is rolling through them. The difficulty progresses at a comfortable level and it’s fun watching the ball bearing travel downward through the game pieces in the hopes of making it all the way to the goal, the red box. Highly Recommended

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Buy this toy–it is fun.
    4th graders and engineers love this toy. Follow the cards, create your own, make it big, make it long–it’s all fun. It is the most sought after game in my classroom and it engaged two very serious young adults until they were told to put it away.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fun game, highly recommended
    Great game but once a person figures out the basics the solutions/patterns become fairly easy to spot. They also make a laser maze which is also a lot of fun but even easier to figure out. This is a step up since the laser maze is 2D and this is 3D. The more challenging levels are not radically more challenging, however.Kids love it and I am happy they are digging an educational game (just don’t tell them that ;-)All-in-all a very good game and happy with the purchase.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    Great toy!
    My boys, ages 8 and 9, really like this a lot. Instead of using the cards, they love to make their own “tracks”. One thing I should bring up: my older son is colorblind, and cannot distinguish between the yellow and green pieces. No big deal if you are making up your own designs, but a huge hinderance when trying to play with the cards. I’m sure this is super uncommon, but thought I better mention it just in case!

  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    but had a good time doing it
    My 14-year-old son solved all the puzzles in about an hour, but had a good time doing it. Afterwards, he began creating his own “expert” level challenges and drawing them out. The pieces are a little tight, but that’s necessary to ensure the marble moves as it’s supposed to…just makes it a little cumbersome to reconfigure. Definitely a brain teaser and worth the money.

  7. Rated 3 out of 5


    Fairly fun
    Pretty fun and challenging. BUT the marble goes too fast to make the game super enjoyable. The “experience” needs some work. Maybe have the blocks light up as the marble travels?

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a great toy for an only child whose parents can’t entertain …
    My 10 year old son is obsessed with this game. He loves figuring out each maze. It makes him use problem solving skills and logic. This is a great toy for an only child whose parents can’t entertain the child every minute. He choses this over video games! Now that is saying something.

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